Do All Wireless Headsets Use Bluetooth Technology

Wireless Headset

Headphone wireless products use Bluetooth

There are 2 types of wireless  headset connections:
1 RF
2 Bluetooth

Answering the question in our title in simple terms is; most current wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect wireless communications products to each other without the use of a wire.

The full answer is no, headphones could use either Bluetooth or RF technology.

What is RF?

RF stands for radio frequency. It is an alternating current that if input to an antenna, an electromagnetic field is generated that can be used for wireless broadcasting and/or communications. The field is referred to as an RF field or a radio wave.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology that unites different types of electronic equipment from various manufacturers enabling them to communicate with each other without the use of wires.

Bluetooth is becoming the standard for wireless headphones in general and electronic communications products in particular.

Bluetooth wireless technology connects headphones to electronics products that send signals to them in most cases, music or voice from phone communications.

This provides a true hands-free experience with the freedom of not having to be wired to something.

Is Bluetooth safe to use with headphone wireless product?

Bluetooth is safe. It produces a radio signals 1000 times weaker than the standard wireless technologies used by mobile phones and it is also very secure  so that once a connection has been made, no-one can listen in and there is no interference from other Bluetooth devices.

It works over distances up to 33 feet.

How does it connect wireless products?

When it comes to wireless headsets, they are connected to phones through a term called “pairing.” With simple steps, a headset phone can be paired with a smart phone or stereo radio in minutes.