Do Beats Headphone Wireless Products Need Batteries

Headphone Wireless Products And Batteries

Image of old headphonesI remember having the old fashion headphones that came with a cord, like the old fashion curly telephone lines. My wires easily stretched across the room and tripped everyone that got in the way.  That unit took like 8 batteries to
make it work. Thank goodness those were the “good ol days”.

Power Your Studio Wireless Headsets

Here is the good news. Beats headphone wireless products do not use a regular battery.  And as you well know: they are wireless!!!

While Beats has a broad selection of stereo wireless headsets that have Rechargeable batteries for wireless headphonesrechargeable batteries, their model Studio product has a rechargeable battery that powers playback and their noise cancellation for up to 12 hours via Bluetooth technology. They last about 20 hours when connected through a 3.5mm cable.

Here is how your wireless headset gets charged

When you want to charge:

  1. connect their charging cable to a micro USB port on the right earcup
  2. connect the other end of the USB cable to the supplied USB power adapter

If your wireless headphones aren’t charging properly, reset your Studios model or check for updates for Studio Wireless via Beats Updater on their website.  It takes a couple of for a full charge when you have a dead battery using the supplied USB power adapter.
Sometimes it takes more time if you are charging the stereo headset using a USB from your laptop or other device.

This model actually shows you how much battery power is left. You can go their website to get all the details at

About those headphone lights
Solid White: Connected and charged
Solid Red: Under 1 hour of playback
Blinking Red: Less than 15 minutes of playback remain—time to recharge!
Solid White: Fully charged
Solid Red: Charging

Hope you find this basic information helpful.  You can get full details on all their products right on their website.