Do Beats Wireless Headphones And Headphone Wireless Products Have A Mic

$Beats Headphone Wireless products

Wireless headsets with micBeats has a wide selcetion of headphone wireless products.  As you would suspect, some stereo earbuds and headset wireless models have a built in mic and some don’t.

Your price point is the determining factor, so be wireless ear buds with miccareful which Bluetooth headset model you buy.

Here are a couple examples of their headphones and their key features:

Studio Wireless Headphones

  1. This model has a pair and play with your Bluetooth® device with 30 foot range
  2. Most important feature is their dual-mode adaptive that is noise canceling
  3. This unit includes a 12 hour rechargeable battery that shows battery levels
  4. This is what you are looking for with their take hands free calls with built-in mic

Tour 2 wireless headphones starting price point $129

  1. If you are active you will want their sweat and water-resistant feature to survive tough weather and workouts
  2. Optional wingtips for a versatile and comfortable fit
  3. Multiple ear-tip sizes for better sound and noise isolation
  4. Full-range sound profile with crisp highs and powerful lows
  5. Take hands-free calls and control music with RemoteTalk cable*

UR Beats wireless headsets

  2. Deep bass, soaring highs and clear midrange
  3. Solid metal housing creates an undisturbed listening experience
  4. Multisized eartips for a complete fit
  5. Take calls and control music with RemoteTalk™

You can find all their headsets and mobile wireless ear buds here.


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